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Now as for what has happened before the RP starts and the general shape of things view below. (Note: The RP will take place on ONE world, and you will be playing Gestalt or Tau, each player has their options.)

The Imperium of Man has split, their Emperor God is dead, devoured by the embodiment of Khorne, The Devil-God of Hate Himself. The Imperium of man has split into the Heretical "Gestalt" who align themselves with all those willing to accept and join them, and the devout "Advocates" whom swear fealty in remembrance of the Emperor God.

The Orks are leaderless and have scattered, the once green tide has begun to fade from the memories of all.

The Eldar, and their dark Cousins have all but vanished from the Universe.

The Necrons have dissipated, yet their God's thirst for blood hasn't been fulfilled.

However, naturally in such times when creatures who procliam themselves for the light fades, those which proclaim themselves for the dark seem birthed with unrelenting Vigor upon the realities of all.

The dark Hordes of Chaos terrorrize so many Worlds, lifeless or not, that it has become beyond horrific, their Gods walk the worlds, and ones whom were never heard of before scream for their freedom from the warp to claim all that is real in their own names.

Yet their is an even more dreaded and noticeable threat, the Tyranids, never before seen in full force block out the night sky of many worlds as their unpenetrable tide closes in on what planets carry any useful minerals, entire galaxies vanish off of scanners every hour, of which the Tyranids are at fault. However something has stirred in the Hive mind, somehow it birthed a defect, Tyranids with their own minds, those who refuse to join their countless brethren in the pools of death and reincarnation, and these have branched out and aligned themselves against the greater threat of the hive mind, perhaps they are meerly a way to lower it's population, perhaps not, none truly know.

However, the Tau empire has thrived, this is their golden age, with over 14 species following their way for "The Greater Good" they have also signed the first peace treaty to grace the Universe in millenia, between them and the Gestalt, when the time of crisis ends however they agreed to have all legible members of each alignment vote for which one to consist of indefinetely from then on.


You are a member of either the Gestalt or The Tau, (Whichever better suits your fancy) a member of an allied convoy between both alignments sent to study further systems, however as the convoy passed by a world that seemed dead, like mars, it was suddenly sucked towards the planet.

As the convoy crashed down it flew into what appeared to be the planet's surface but was actually a two-way hologram being projected by giant spires on the very earth-like planets surface. The ships crashed into the earth, most those who actually hit it survived, however the majority of the fleets were consumed by a devastating Black-hole like object spreading for miles, the size of a Large city. As members of each party looked about they made out many of these things scattered throughout the planets surface, luckily enough they could only 'suck-in' what was directly above them and would periodically stop for long periods of time, however whatever fell in them would still be devoured.

They are apparently some sort of "Warp-Gate" by the way they look and the wailing screams that come from such things naturally. That and the oddly dressed Humans who were camped out not far from it, wearing the hides of their own comrades, that came in towards the remainder of the fleets and tried to devour them.

Right after this attack is when the game begins, Players can be Tau or Gestalt.


The Gestalt are very religious and oppose the Old Imperium of Man with no mercy, yet enable any willing to join them, they consist of Humans, Psychers, Cyborgs, A few Machines (Like "unique" Dreadnaughts), and even Ex-Followers of Chaos, including those who were on their way to Full blown Daemonhood. They also feature some of the intelligent Tyranids who split from the Hive Mind, most of which resemble a cross between a "Lictor" and a "Carnifex."

The Gestalt also have a taste for Duel-wielding, actually fighting themselves, and usually have lost a good deal of body parts and replaced them with either weaponry (Like twin sickle-blades on each hand) or mechanical bodyparts, including extra arms (Like Techpriests), However they are most widely known for their use of Moderate Armory hidden by Bandages and torn Robes, however nearly all of them feature "Doctor-like" Face masks due to the large outbreak of diseases that affect their kind.


The Tier system of old has been nearly forgotten as have their tier-system, barely afflicting their lives any longer, yet the Ethereals still manage to rule over the other Tau. Workers can Fight, and an Ethereal may even be required to do a mundane task or two.

However the Tau themselves are still incapable of Psychic abilities, yet afew of the Races they have accepted among them do have such abilities and thus much be watched by Tau to insure their safety from the corruptions of Chaos.

Tau, Vespids, Kroot, are only three of the Races the Tau's empire has within it. {Players may create a Race or two to play as if they choose Tau}

The Tau prefer Battlesuits over Machines, actually wanting and willing to participate in a fight themselves. However they also prefer Stealth tactics and thus many members of Tau society carry stealth technology of some sort. (Of which now includes a few specially engineered suits that make them entirely invisible, with special visors capable of being seen out of while invisible.) Tau also have Jet propulsion systems and many Tau can use this to soar into the air for short periods of time.


Main: The Main objective is to find a way safely off the World they've crashed Upon and too either claim it or destroy it. Sub-Main: Current Submain is to get the RP STARTED!!!


Discussion/Signup: http://forums.keenspot.com/viewtopic.php?t=93257&start=0&sid=7d02de687f2262e41280634545c9aa13

Actual Gameplay: N/A


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